Julian Assange about doing anything different

Fi*lmann1 broadcasted an ad where two older men talk about doing anything different in their life, right from their current point of view. They both wear eye-glasses, and the one asked answers ~“I had choosen Fi*lmann sooner.“ The comercial was aired many years, ignoring the fact that it showcases how ads and agency work and on what they depend on. Lies. Every fucking entity who testifies against, is a liar. The biggest liar is the one who wants to sell something or themself, when s/he gets interviewed for a job: testify on something that does not argue against being hired.

Julian Assange is neither in need or the position of getting hired, and he does not sell anything. That leaves him in the only comfortable situation he is in at this time: Telling truth without consequences.

(Rolling Stone:) Do you wish you’d done anything different?
(Julian Assange:) In general? Of course. Many. I can’t stand these people who say they would never do anything different. That simply means that they have not learned a single thing from their experiences. (Julian Assange im Interview in The Rolling Stone; Seite 5)

As well as i distrust ads and agencies i trust in people that are targets of entities that depend on ads and agencies, like mass-media. Therefor i think that Julian Assange would have answered the same way if he would be in a more comfortable situation. It is something that age brings by for true, called „Menschenkenntnis2“.

  1. a „serial optician“ here in germany []
  2. knowledge of human nature []
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